Do you know why it’s important to support our Australian designers, manufacturers, farmers, and other quality Australian brands that deliver world-class products?

First and foremost Australian made products are subject to strict quality standards so when you buy Australian made you know that you are getting a high-quality product.

Australia has high safety standards, so this means that the materials used to create the products are closely monitored by governing bodies to ensure the Australian made products you buy will not affect your health or wellbeing.

Did you know that every Australian product comes with an automatic guarantee that protects the consumer?  Many Australian companies take their warranties and guarantees even further to ensure you are completely happy with the quality and performance of the products they sell.

Another great reason to buy Australian made is that you are supporting jobs, economic development, and prosperity in Australia.  This small decision to buy Australian made creates a ripple effect, which positively impacts families, local communities, and puts monies back into the economy so that we all benefit.

If every Australian redirected just $10 per week from purchasing a foreign-owned product to purchasing an Australian owned product, Australia would gain a whopping $4 billion per year and create 100,000 new jobs… now that’s something to think about!

When you buy Australian made you can be proud that Australia offers some of the safest and tightly regulated working conditions in the world and that the workers are receiving a fair wage in a safe, secure working environment.

During the manufacturing process the range of Magic products are made in accordance to strict environmentally protection policies.  We are proud to manufacture Australian made environmentally friendly products and know that our customers are getting the very best products available.