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Where can I find Rubbedin products?
Woolworths, Coles, Spotlight, selected BBQ’s Galore stores, selected IGAs, Ritchies Supa IGAs, Foodland (SA only), Drakes (SA only), selected Home Timber and Hardware, and selected Mitre 10 stores.

Please head to our ‘WHERE TO BUY’ page to find out more.

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We absolutely can send our products internationally. If you have any queries regarding shipping, please contact info@rubbedin.com.au

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Do you use palm oil in your products?

None of our products contain pure palm oil; some of our products do contain a derivative of Palm Oil, which is not only environmentally responsible, but also less of an irritant. The derivative we use is sourced from ethical plantations, and they are all certified.

Are your products halal?

No, none of our products are halal.

All Metal Polish

Can Magic All Metal Polish™ be used on Fine Silver?
Yes, it can but do not rub too hard. Magic All Metal Polish™ will overtime remove a very tiny amount of the surface of the silver.

There is a lot of black stuff coming off onto my rag.
That is the oxide coming off the metal. There is nothing to worry about; you actually want that to happen, as it means it is working.

Why can it not be used on Anodised Aluminium?
Anodised Aluminium has a coating applied to the metal, which cannot be polished.

Why do you say to rub lightly on gold and fine silver?
Magic All Metal Polish™ contains a cutting compound, gold, and fine silver are very soft metals and therefore will remove a very fine layer of the metal surface if rubbed to heavily.

What do I use to clean water spots off my coffee machine?
Use Magic All Metal Polish™ to clean and polish and Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ to keep protected.

My Magic All Metal Polish™ is hard what can I use to loosen it up again?
If the product is too old then you will need purchase a new bottle or you can add a couple of drops of mentholated spirits.

Is Magic All Metal Polish™ safe to use on teapots?
Yes, you can use Magic All Metal Polish™ on teapots. We suggest you rinse it out as best as you can, the first cuppa may have a pine oil flavoured taste. However, it is non-toxic.

Is Magic All Metal Polish™ best or cleaning up oxidised powder-coated aluminum windows / door frames?
It should clean off the oxidising; just do a small patch test first. But it should be fine as powder coating is very strong.

Can I use a toothbrush for the areas hard to clean with a cloth?
Yes you can, we would recommend a soft bristle brush as it would be easier to get into the crevasses.

Washing Machine Cleaner and Washing Machine Deep Cleaner

Refer to your user manual supplied with your washing machine before using this product.

I used Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ as per directions, but my bowl is now dull/ lost its shine?
Firstly, don’t be alarmed. Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ has not caused any damage to your washing machine. Your machine will still operate as normal. The dullness of the bowl is simply just a visual thing – there is no underlying mechanical damage. What has happened is that the stainless steel bowl has been plated by weaker mild steel that is inside the machine. This is just a visual thing and will not affect the performance of the machine now or in the future.

There is a bad smell, black gunk/ flakes coming from the machine?
Before you panic – the product has done its job. The build-up was obviously so bad that one wash from the sachet or deep clean formula on its own is not powerful enough to completely break it all down. The smell is from exposed bacteria in the remaining build-up, if your machine has not been cleaned for more than 6 months then the sachet is not likely to be strong enough to break down, dislodge and expel all the build-up.
Solution: Use Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™, this will break down the remaining deposits and expel the remaining build-up. Depending on how bad the build-up is, this may take 2 or more washes.
Solution: If you’re experiencing problems like sludge in the machine, flakes/marks on clothes, odour, or your machine is 3+ years old/ heavily soiled – first treat with Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ and then every month treat with the Magic Washing Machine Cleaner sachet.

Do I press Pre- Wash?
No, we recommend that you select a normal long wash and follow the instructions on the box.

Do I select Drum Clean?
No, we recommend that you select a normal long wash and follow the instructions on the box.

The instructions say not to use on an enamel bowl; I have a polyurethane bowl is that ok?
Polyurethane is a plastic so yes it is ok to use Washing Machine Magic in your machine.

Can I use this product on an enamel coated drum?
We do not recommend as these drums are usually made with a weaker steel and if there are mirco cracks in the coating it can increase the rust on the drum – please note that the drum will rust regardless if you choose to use our washing machine cleaners. Use at your own risk.

I have a Maytag washing machine with a polymer bowl/drum is it safe to use in my machine?
Yes, polyma is basically plastic and our washing machine cleaners are safe to use.

We do not have hot water plumbed to our washing machine, can we use cold water?
This formula does not perform well in cold water – it is activated by temperatures best above 50°C. Some of the current models have a hot water element in the washing machine – please check your user manual. You can fill up your machine manually if it is a top-loader using 8 parts hot water to 2 parts cold water.
If your washing machine does not have an option to choose a water temperature or a cotton wash cycle and the only options are hot, warm, and cold – please know standard hot water systems must store water at 60°c inside by ensuring once a day the temperature reaches at least 60°c in the entire tank*. Water should reach the tap at a temperature of at least 50°c. *water temperatures will be the same as the respective (local) water supply.

Can I use Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ in my tumble dryer?
NO!! We recommend using Magic Spill & Spot Remover™ diluted, lightly spray on and wipe with a dry cloth.

If I do not have a 60°C wash option available, what setting can I use?
We have found that a “cotton wash” cycle is an optimal option. The average cotton wash cycle (do not select pre-wash) is 2-3 hours – the product needs this time to work effectively.

Is it safe to use in a washer/ dryer combined machine?
Yes, so long as the dryer option is not selected at all, the Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ will do it’s job.

Can I wash clothes at the same time?
We do not recommend you to wash anything while using the Magic Washing Machine Cleaner™/ Deep Cleaner.

Can I stop the washing cycle and let the product soak?
Absolutley not, do not stop your wash cycle and let the product soak in your machine.

Can I run the washing cycle at a hotter tempature for it to work better?
As per our instructions, please do not exceed a 60°C wash – this product does not excel further in hotter temperatures.

Why doesn’t it clean the rubber seals/ detergent tray?
Washing Machine Deep Cleaner does not clean/ reach the seal areas of the washing machine. The formula is made to clean the gunk build-up from behind the drum.

Is this safe to use in a Bio-Cycle septic system?
Yes, it is absolutley safe to use in this system.

I have a Bosch Easy Care options at 60°C as well as Cottons at 60°C, which do I use?
An easy-care wash assumes a smaller load of washing and therefore a smaller amount of water. Please select the larger load wash.

I have a LG WT-R854 it has a sensor and automatically fills up with water, so how do I fill up my machine without clothes in it?
Do not use your fuzzy cycle, but place on a heavy-duty cycle.

I have a 6th sense/fuzzy logic machine that determines the load size, so how do I use Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ without putting clothes in the machine?
The 6th sense/fuzzy logic machines have pre-set water amounts depending on the cycles you choose. Each cycle assumes a pre-programmed weight. The machine doesn’t actually ‘weigh’ the load every time you wash.
Solution: Please check your manual to find the longest cycle, which uses the most water and a temp as close to 60°C as possible! This is generally a cotton wash (not cotton eco).

BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser

What product do you recommend to remove cooking oil from melamine kitchen cupboards?
We would recommend the Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ as it is a great degreaser and is safe to use on melamine.

Can Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ be used on ink screen-printed barbeque fascias?
No, as Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ will remove the ink, as will most solvent-based cleaners, such as Spray and Wipe. Ink screen-printed fascias are a cheap manufacturing alternative to decals and etching.

What else can I use Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ on?
Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ can be used to remove difficult marks on almost any surface, including carpet, walls, floors, clothes (as a pre-wash stain remover), plastic outdoor furniture, tools and car parts.

Cooktop Magic™

I used the Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ and it didn’t remove all the baked-on deposits?
For future reference, spills are best removed immediately with a cooktop scraper or non-scratch scourer – BEFORE the cooktop is allowed to cool. Once the cooktop is cool, spill becomes more difficult to remove. If you encounter really stubborn spills/marks/stains, apply a liberal amount of Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ directly onto the area and scrub with sponge pad. Leave Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ on the surface for as long as possible, but do not allow it to dry on the surface! Before it begins to dry on the surface, use a non-scratch scourer/cooktop scraper and a bit of elbow grease to remove the stain.

It looks like Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ sponge applicator has left scratches on my ceramic glass cooktop.
The applicator on Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ is safe to use on glass and has been thoroughly tested for MANY years. If you see “scratch-like marks” they are often in the protective sealant that Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ leaves behind. All you need to do is get some paper towel and give the Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ a good buff. It can happen when too much product is used or if you haven’t removed all the baked-on spills etc. We recommend that cloth is used on Stainless Steel tops. Make sure you sufficiently moistened the sponge by applying enough Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ before you started to scrub. Continue to use Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ after every cooking session, but make sure you always apply a generous amount of cleaner before scrubbing.

Can I use Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ on the cast-iron hotplates of my stove/cooktop?
No, Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ is acidic and therefore over time will cause rusting to cast-iron. Magic Hotplate Restorer™ is better for your cast-iron hotplates.

Can I use Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ on my stainless steel cooktop?
Yes, but don’t apply it using the sponge applicator as it will cause light scratches. Instead, squeeze the formulation onto a cloth or non-scratch scourer, spread it onto the surface, and then follow directions as per normal. FYI – for a brilliant shine, apply Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ afterward.

Can I use Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ on my enamel (white) cooktop?
Yes, it is perfectly suitable for the white enamel cooktop surface, but don’t use it on the cast-iron hotplates.

I have a new cooker with an induction hob. Is Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ suitable for this type of hob?
Yes, use per as instructions.

I cannot get any of the product out of the tube, the hole must be completely blocked?
Try sticking a toothpick or skewer up through the sponge-pad hole, into the plastic hole to dislodge the blockage. If this doesn’t work, rinse the sponge under water to clean off any dried product and check to see if the cap pin is straight or bent. The pin needs to be straight so the plastic hole is always covered.

I followed the instructions on the back of the tube to clean my stainless steel cooktop and after cleaning it five times there is still a lot of black residues that wipes off, have I damaged my cooktop?
No, you have not damaged your cooktop. But you have used too much Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™. Just wipe the remaining residue off with soapy water.

Can I use my Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™ on the glass oven door?
You can, depending on the dirt. If it is more baked on a lot of elbow grease will need to be used. We do have a product specifically made for use on the glass doors called Magic Oven and Rangehood Cleaner™.

Should I get the rust off my cooktop before using Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™?
Yes, you can use a wire brush or some sandpaper and give it a gentle scrub with some water.

Where can I buy Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™
Unfortunately Woolworths and Coles have delisted it. We still manufacture Magic Cooktop Cleaner & Protector™, it is always available on our website to purchase.

Hotplate Restorer

Is Magic Hotplate Restorer™ dangerous or caustic?
No, Hotplate Magic is totally non-toxic and completely safe.

I have applied the Magic Hotplate Restorer™, heated up the hotplates but I seem to have a lot of black polish still coming off.
You have applied too much of the product. Keep wiping off until all residues have disappeared. Next time apply a smaller amount.

Can the Magic Hotplate Restorer™ be used on a cast iron barbeque plate?
No, it is not recommended to use on a BBQ plate. The ingredients are non-hazardous but this product has not been tested for direct food contact.

There is a lot of smoke coming from my hot plate.
You have applied too much product. Wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and restart the procedure.

There is rust starting to appear where I have applied Magic Hotplate Restorer™.
You have not heated the product up to cure it. It is the iron oxide in the product that has come in contact with the air with is starting to cause the rusting. Wipe over the product with a damp cloth and start the procedure again. Make sure the product is heated up and smoke starts appearing.

I have a lot of black stuff coming off my hot plates?
1. You have applied too much product, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and start again.
2. You have not heated the stove up. Wipe off any excess and start again.

Iron Magic™

I applied the Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ to my iron base when it was hot and it didn’t remove all the marks?
If you apply the Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ to a hot iron base, the solvent in the product will evaporate instantly. Make sure that the iron base is only warm, not hot.

I applied the Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ to my iron base and it didn’t bring off all the baked-on marks?
All of our products, including the Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ are manufactured without using harmful or caustic ingredients. Therefore, for really difficult baked on marks you will need to use the Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ in conjunction with a non-scratch scourer, maybe a couple of times too.

I have just bought your tube of Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ and it looks like its half-empty?
There is 50g of product inside the tube. We had to make the tube the size it is to fit all directions and safety warnings on there. I assure you have got what you have paid for.

I bought a tube of Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ but the sponge has melted, is that normal?
No, you must have had the base plate turned up too high before using.

Multi-Use Descaler

Is Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ dangerous or caustic?
No, Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ is completely safe.

Can Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ be used to clean my electric baby sterilisers?
Yes, dissolve the sachet into the kettle as per the instructions on the box; add the amount of water to the steriliser as directed by the manufacturer. Run the steriliser as normal, after complete run steriliser with clean water.

What are the ingredients of Magic Multi-Use Descaler™?
Unfortunately, it is company policy not to hand out formulations of our products. I can tell you it is a blend of various products and is a food grade – citrus-based formulation.

Can Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ be used for my washing machine?
Not really, it won’t hurt your washing machine but is not aggressive enough to dissolve the scum and calcium build-up that washing machines collect, rather use Washing Machine magic or if you haven’t cleaned your machine for a few years use Washing Machine Magic (Industrial Strength)

The instructions on the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ box say “Not suitable for use in Aluminum or Magnesium Alloy kettles”. Then on the sachet, it says “Not suitable for use on Aluminum, Enamelled or Pyrex glass kettles”.  Can I use it?
We have spoken to Breville and they have advised that is ok to use the product on your Breville Glass Kettle.

Why is there a funny taste in my coffee after using Magic Multi-Use Descaler™?
As long as you have rinsed the coffee machine through after using Magic Multi-Use Descaler™, the machine should be clean and there should be no aftertaste. You need to follow the cleaning and descale instructions as per your instruction manual. There could be coffee granules or a buildup of scale stuck in the machine that could be causing it.

Does Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ contain vinegar?
No, our DSM does not contain vinegar. N.B. Some appliance manuals say not to use vinegar to descale the appliance.

Can I use Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ on my Iron?
Yes, you can, please see ‘How to Use’ or back of the pack for instructions.

Can I use Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ on my Aldi Coffee Machine?
Yes, you can, please see ‘How to Use’ for instructions, and refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine.

Can I use the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ in copper pipes?
Yes, you can, but do not allow the product to sit in the pipes for more than a couple of hours. Pipes should be flushed after use.

How do I clean my stainless steel thermos with Magic Multi-Use Descaler™?
Add the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ to the thermos and fill with boiling water and let stand for 1/2hr to a 1hr or so. Open and check to see if it has removed the build-up (you may need to give it a wipe over with a nonscratch scorer…no need to scrub)

Can I use the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ on my Delonghi automatic coffee machine?
Yes, you can, please see ‘How to Use’ for instructions, and refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine.

Will Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ remove iron deposits?
Yes Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ will remove iron deposits

Can I use this product to clean the scale build-up in my ceramic toilet?
Absolutely, place 1x scoop or 1x sachet in the toilet bowl and leave for as long as possible. With more treatments this will eventaully remove the scale.

Oven & Rangehood Cleaner

Can I use this on my enamel oven?
Yes, you can! We do not recommend you use a scrourer to clean your oven otherwise it can scratch/ chip the suface.

Is this safe to use on the oven racking?
Yes! This is safe to use on oven racking, oven trays etc

Spa Bath Cleaner

Do I need to rinse the pipes out after I have cleaned the spa bath with Magic Spa Bath Cleaner?
No, there is no need to rinse the pipes after you have cleaned the spa bath, the residue will continue to work and keep killing bacteria.

Can I use Magic Spa Bath Cleaner in my outdoor spa?
We do not recommend Spa Bath Cleaner for outdoor Spas. This has been formulated for the use of spa baths which are drained after each use and there are no chemicals e.g. Chlorine to keep it clean constantly. Chlorine itself will keep your outdoor spa clean, please see a pool specialist as there will be other suitable products for you.

I have used Spa Bath Cleaner but my pipes/ tub are still dirty?
Firstly, dont worry the Spa Bath Cleaner has done its job! Secondly, the build-up in the pipes was too excessive for the Spa Bath Cleaner to do its job throughly with just one go. This build-up is being broken down and it’s you are seeing being expelled into the tub. Please persist, this can take more than 1 go.

If you are trying with no avail, you can try the following:

  • Leave the solution in for longer. Turn off jets, let it soak then run again
  • Use warm to hot water. It is important to open windows, turn on extraction fans and keep away from the bathroom until done
    Both of these options can be combined.
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector and Stainless Steel Wipes

Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™

I have some stubborn marks on my appliance, will Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ work?
No, Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ is not designed to remove stubborn marks. The best product to use would be Magic All Metal Polish™, then Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ for future protection.

How much Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ must I use?
Use sparingly and as per instructions using a paper towel.

Can I use it on my pots?
No Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ leaves a protective oil base.

I have used Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ on my saucepan and the marks still don’t come off, I use the saucepans on a gas stove on low heat.
Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ is not designed to be used on saucepans with stains; the best product to use would be Magic All Metal Polish™ then Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ for future protection.


Magic Stainless Steel Wipes™

I’ve just wiped my rangehood, oven, cooktop or fridge and it has left a cloudy mark on it, how can I get that off?
If you have used Magic Stainless Steel Wipes and see a dull or cloudy look to your stainless steel, it could meana that there was oil or residue from something on the steel. We recommend cleaning the item with a multi-purpose cleaner. Once all the oil is off the surface, use the product again. If you still have a dull or cloudy look, you still have oil on the appliance and you need to clean it again with a multi-purpose cleaner.


Please refer to your user manual as it may state not to use petrol, benzol, thinners etc. Our Magic Stainless Steel Wipes contain liquid hydrocarbons which means they are petroleum based. A lot of stainless steel goods these days have a protective coating which only needs warm soapy water to clean and using hydrocarbons can remove this coating. Using our Magic All Metal Polish should bring your fridge up like new.

I’ve just opened a packet of wipes and it feels dry, should it be dry?
No, they shouldn’t be dry but should feel oily. If you pull out a wipe and rub it between your fingers then rub your fingers together you should notice that they are oily.

Is Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector Wipes™ safe to use on brushed aluminium?

While it is more than safe to use, please note – the appearance may look a little different. Stainless Steel Wipes leave a very thin coating of polish oil on the metal as a protective layer – hence a ‘wet look’.

Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish

Does Cast Iron Stove Polish contain Graphite?

Can the Stove Polish be used on a potbelly stove that has previously been painted with black high temperature paint?
It is best to either choose paint or polish and stick with that indefinitely.

How long do I let the fire burn?
Until the Black Beauty Stove polish has stopped smoking.

I have a Saxon wood heater – can this product be used on this type of heater?
We recommend to use our New Coat High Temperature Paint so long as it can be heat cured as per instructions.

Can I use this on my cast iron fire place?
Yes, so long as you are confidant the entire surface will heat evenly. The formula contains water so any uncured polish can encourage rust on the surface over-time.

Can I use this product on a stainless steel fire place?
Cast Iron and Stainless Steel have different varies of heat conduction, materials and surface finishes. Cast Iron is a hard grey metal with a carbon content from 2% to 4% where as Stainless Steel is an iron-carbon alloy containing less than 0.25%. As this product needs to be heat cured the reason it is made for Cast Iron is that it is a better heat conductor with a higher thermal diffusivity whereas Stainless Steel takes much longer to conduct heat from the surface. If you were desperate to polish your fireplace we recommend it be a Mild Steel only – never Stainless Steel. The finish on the Mild Steel will also need to be etched for the formula to stick to. If you are concerned please call the office on 07 3245 3255.

Black Patch Stove Putty

Can it be applied to a hot stove?
We suggest applying Black Patch Stove Putty to a cool – warm stove not a warm – hot stove.

Is Black Patch Stove Putty suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, providing that it is fully air-dried for at least 24 hours prior to getting wet.

What temperature is the product effective to?

How long after applying product can I use my heater?
Black Patch requires 24hours to air dry. You can use the heater after that.

I have young kids and the glass on the fireplace has cracked so I am not going to replace it, can I use Black Patch to repair it?
Yes, if you don’t mind the black colour.

What is the difference between Hotspot and Black patch?
The colour.  Hot Spot is a sandy colour, while Black Patch is black

Do I need to wet the bricks first?

If not right consistency for required application; can I add water to product?
Yes but only very small amount – couple of drops only.

How do I clean up any spills?
Wash down with water, as this product is water based.

Do I need to wait until the wood burner/pipes are cool before I use the Black Patch Stove Putty?
Yes, the wood burner/pipes need to cool before application and wait 24 hours before starting the fire again.

Does Black Patch putty have elasticity when dry?
Unfortunately no, when dry Black Patch Stove Putty dries rock solid.

Crystal Clear Hot Glass Crème Cleaner

What else can I use this product on?
The Hot Glass Cleaner is very effective at cleaning porcelain enamel. It is also useful when cleaning white goods e.g. fridges, dishwashers, etc. to remove marks.

Hotspot Ready to Use Mortar

What temperature is the product effective to?

How long after applying product can I use my heater?
Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar requires 24hours to air dry. You can use the heater after that.

Is hot spot ok for use on an outside BBQ?
Yes, Hot Spot can be used if it is cured and dried. Protect from rain/moisture for 24 hrs until curing process is complete. It is not as strong as instant brick.

What is the difference between Hotspot and Black patch?
The colour.  Hot Spot is a sandy colour, while Black Patch is black.

Is Ready to Use Mortar suitable to repair a smashed up fire box in a Kamado Cooker?
Yes in principle it should hold all the pieces together, but we have never tested our product in this situation.

Is Hot Spot Ready To Use Mortar suitable for outdoors?
Yes, providing that it is fully air-dried for at least 24 hours prior to getting wet.

Can this be used to render my pizza oven?
It can be used as ‘render’ per say – this cannot be applied too thick as it can crack. We really recommend our Instant Brick for this kind of project as the formula is more suited to be applied in thicker layers.

The liquid on top of the Hot Spot has leaked on my porcelain tiles and has left a mark, how do I get it off?
This liquid sets once its exposed to air/ heat – so there is no physical way of removing the product – what can be used to lighten the effect is Jif cream as it has a cutting agent in its formula (a test on an inconspicuous area is recommended prior) or a magic eraser.

Instant Brick Castable Cement

What temperature is the product effective to?

Is it ok for outside on my brick BBQ?
Yes, protect from rain/moisture for 24 hrs until curing process is complete.

I have broken bricks in my fireplace, am I able to spread this over all of the bricks and fill in the hole?
Yes, as this perfect for replacing and/or repairing fireplace bricks.

Can I use instant brick in a load-bearing wall?
It would be best to use concrete, please consult your local hardware for advice.

Can this be used as a render for my pizza oven?
For this kind of project; yes, as the formula is more suited to be applied in thicker layers.

Can this product be dyed to suit the colour of my oven bricks?
Yes, however – as this is something we have not tested we are unaware how the dye will react with the heat and whether or not it will fade.

New Coat High Temp Paint and New Coat High Temp Spray Paint

If I want to remove the paint how do I get it off?
A heat gun or sandblaster will do the trick.

Can it be used to paint a motorbike exhaust?
Yes it can, so long as you can cure the paint with heat (that isn’t a fire) it will work.

Is a primer required before using Hi-T?
No, no primer is required.

Is it ok to paint over a potbelly stove polish, that has been previously had stove polish applied to it?
No, you are best to stick with stove polish however, if you do want to use paint, you will need to sand back the stove and ensure all traces of stove polish are removed.

If I paint my range hood, will the New Coat High Temp Paint still cure?
Yes, the heat coming from the stovetop will be enough to cure it.

What is the VOC Content in grams per litre of your New Coat High Temp Paint?
The VOC is approximately 440-grams/ litre.
*Please note that the VOC is calculated according to the definition of what constitutes a VOC under Australian considerations and what is used by APAS (Australian Paints Approval Scheme), which is the defining body in Australia.


Soot-Loose Chimney & Flue Cleaner

How does it work?
The Soot-Loose contains a solvent that only reacts on heat. When the product is placed onto the hot coals, the solvent is released. The solvent then follows the airflow up the flue. When it comes in contact with soot deposits, it works by dissolving the tar that holds the soot together.

How and when is the best time to use Soot-Loose?
The optimal time to use Soot-Loose is at the end of the burn, when the airflow is travelling up the flue slowly. Soot-Loose will not be effective if the airflow is travelling fast, as it will not have time to react. (No flame/when flame has died down)

Is the Soot-Loose dangerous to people or the environment?
No, Soot-Loose does not contain harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Will Soot-Loose corrode my metal flue?
No, Soot-Loose is the only chimney cleaner available that is based on an organic solvent and does not contain corrosive salts.

How often should I use Soot-Loose?
We recommend that you use Soot-Loose weekly during periods of use

How do I know if I need to clean the flue?
Generally a dirty flue will generate a lot of smoke. Also, you may hear crackling in the flue when the unit is in use.

What type of heating units and flue is Soot-Loose suitable for?
Soot-Loose is available for all types of heating units, including open fireplaces and brick flues.

I am about to try this product in my wood heater and was wondering how it works. I understand it is magnesium, can you explain how it does this?
Soot loose works by releasing the chemical agent as the char is being burnt up. The chemical slowly moves up the chimney or flue and breaks down the soot and creosote

What do I do if I haven’t cleaned my chimney in over 10 years/ever?
Use an entire 250g tin or 5x sachets all together and follow as per instructions.

I have a double burn wood heater, is it ok to use Soot-Loose?
Yes it is ok to use Soot-Loose on a double burn wood heater

Can I use Soot-loose on a Webber Kettle?
Not recommended as never been tested with this product. If build up caused by oil and food residue suggest BBQ Magic.

My dog has eaten some Soot-Loose, what will happen?
Soot-Loose is Non-toxic, however the active ingredient can be dangerous if large quantities are consumed. A Soot-Loose sachet contains 8g’s of active ingredient and the fatal dose is 3.6g per kg of body weight. Symptoms of ingestion are headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. If this occurs take to the vet straight away. Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water.

What is “SOOT”?
The fine black particles, chiefly composed of carbon, produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels.

What is ‘TAR”?
A thick, black, viscous liquid obtained by the distillation of wood, coal, etc., and having a varied composition according to the temperature and material employed in obtaining it.

What is “Creosote”?
A colourless to yellowish oily liquid containing phenols and creosols, obtained by the destructive distillation of wood tar, especially from the wood of a beech, and formerly used as an expectorant in treating chronic bronchitis.

Can I use Soot-Loose on my wood burning stove that has a catalytic converter?
Yes you can use Soot-Loose on a wood burning that has a catalytic converter

Is your Soot-Loose product suitable for flues where the roof is used for water catchment (domestic water tanks & drinking)?
The Soot-Loose should not be an issue for drinking water. The product is designed to soften up the resins and tars that line the inside of the chimney flue – causes them to collapse and drip back down into the fireplace to be properly consumed by ongoing fires. It does not cause residues to come out and land on the roof, certainly no more than you would get without using Soot-Loose.

I’ve placed the sachet of Soot-Loose on the hot coals and let it go over night, and when I checked this morning there was still black product left in the sachet, is that right and has the product worked?
Yes, at 250 degrees the heat will pop the sachet and the active ingredient will evaporate up the flue. The carrier ingredients will usually remain in the sachet.

Do I close the door when I use Soot-Loose sachet or leave it open?
You need to close the door for best results.

Can I use Soot-Loose in a gas fireplace?
Yes you can. But as gas heating is cleaner than normal log burning methods it is not necessary unless you feel as though it needs to be cleaned. We understand gas heating does cool down a lot quicker, so we recommend turning the heating onto the lowest setting.