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Kitchen Fun Cleaning Hacks: Turn Chore Time into Playtime


Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. With some creativity and playful energy, you can turn this everyday task into a fun and enjoyable experience! In this blog, we’ll share some exciting and entertaining ways to clean your kitchen while having a blast.

Say goodbye to drudgery and hello to a sparkling clean kitchen with these fun cleaning hacks!

Man cleaning house while singing
Kitchen Karaoke:
  1. Create a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs and turn up the volume.
  2. Grab a sponge or a cloth, and sing and dance your way through cleaning.
  3. Turn your kitchen into a dance floor! Move and groove to the music as you scrub, wipe, and sweep your way to cleanliness. The more enthusiastic your dance moves, the better the workout and the cleaner the kitchen!
Scavenger Hunt:

Pretend you’re on a scavenger hunt and try to find and clean all the items on your cleaning checklist. Involve family members or roommates for added fun and competition.

Timer/ Master Chef Cooking Challenge:
  1. Set a timer for a short burst of cleaning time, like 5 or 10 minutes.
  2. Challenge yourself to clean as much as possible within that time frame. Like you’re on a cooking show.
  3. Reward yourself with a small treat or break when the timer goes off.
  4. Repeat the process until your kitchen shines brightly!
Clean & Seek:
  1. Enlist the help of family members or roommates for this game.
  2. Designate one person as the “Hider” and the rest as the “Seekers.”
  3. The Hider will secretly place small stickers on different kitchen surfaces that need cleaning while the Seekers wait outside.
  4. When the Hider announces, “Ready, Set, Seek!” the Seekers will enter the kitchen and start cleaning the areas with stickers as fast as they can.
  5. The person who cleans the most stickers wins a reward, like getting out of kitchen duty for a day!
paper rubbish trash bin
Kitchen Basketball:
  1. Gather all the items that need to be put away or organized.
  2. Set up a laundry basket or box across the room.
  3. Pretend you’re a basketball pro and shoot each item into the basket and shoot them from different spots in the kitchen. Celebrate each successful shot with a victory dance!
    Note: Make sure to use soft items and avoid anything breakable.
Magic Cleaning:

Create your own “magic”. Pretend you’re a cleaning wizard casting spells as you spray and wipe surfaces.

Mother and daughter dancing while mopping
Dance Cleaning:

Experience the magic of Dance Cleaning! Put on those groovy moves and shimmy away as you tackle kitchen grime. Invite others to join the fun and have a dance-off while cleaning different spots. The sillier the dance, the more laughter, and the cleaner the kitchen will be! It’s a cleaning party that leaves your space sparkling and your spirits high!

Time-Lapse Cleaning:

Set up a camera or use your smartphone to record a time-lapse video of you cleaning the kitchen. Watching the cleaning process in fast-forward can be surprisingly satisfying and fun.

Reward System:

Set up a reward system for yourself. Give yourself a small treat for every task you complete, like a piece of chocolate or a five-minute break to do something you enjoy.

Person drawing
Cleaning Pictionary:

If you have family members or friends around, play a game of cleaning Pictionary. Draw cleaning tasks on a whiteboard or paper, and take turns guessing what they are.

Storytime Cleaning:

Invent a fun story while you clean, narrating aloud. For example, you can imagine the kitchen as a spaceship that needs a deep clean before it can take off.

Remember to stay safe while cleaning and use appropriate cleaning products. With these fun ideas, you’ll turn kitchen cleaning into an enjoyable experience! Magic Cleaning Products have many kitchen cleaning products to choose from. Click here to view our kitchen products today!


Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t have to be mundane when you inject some fun and creativity into the process. With these entertaining cleaning hacks, you can transform your kitchen cleaning routine into an enjoyable activity. So put on some music, gather your household members, and turn cleaning time into playtime! Remember, a clean kitchen not only looks great but also provides a refreshing and inviting space to create delicious meals and memories. Happy cleaning!

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