Magic Multi-Use Descaler™


  • Improves the efficiency and longevity of appliances.
  • Safely eliminates limescale, bacteria and mould.
  • Removes the builtup calcium deposits.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Helps to prevent element damage.
  • Ideal for use on kettles, urns, coffee machines, dishwashers, steam ovens, steam irons, baby bottle sterilisers, water coolers and shower heads.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Septic and grey water safe.
  • Available sizes: 2 x 40g Sachet and 1kg.
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Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ has been formulated to dissolve and remove limescale build up in your appliances. It’s sanitising action makes it perfect for cleaning water coolers. The 100% safe organic formula has been developed to descale and clean your household appliances such as kettles, urns, coffee machines, dishwashers, steam ovens, steam irons, baby bottle sterilisers, water coolers, and showerheads. In fact, kettle manufacturers recommend that you clean and descale your kettle every 3 months to keep it running like new! Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ is Australian made and owned, is environmentally responsible, cruelty-free, septic and greywater safe. Handy Hints: To clean your Washing Machine, use Magic Washing Machine Cleaner™. Use Magic Iron Baseplate Cleaner™ to clean the iron’s baseplate.

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1 kg, 40g x 2 sachets


How to descale your appliances:

Many people like to try traditional methods of descaling like lemon, bicarb soda or vinegar. Using these ingredients can damage the appliance (e.g. vinegar will damage a coffee machine) as well as leave a bad taste. Traditional methods can take a lot longer to work (e.g. vinegar will take approximately 1 hour) and don’t perform as well as specialised descaling products.

Harsh acids, like sulphuric acid which is hazardous and corrosive, can have a very damaging effect on some appliances.

Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ is formulated to work quicker and is more efficient while being gentle on your appliances. And the effect will last considerably longer than traditional descaling methods.

Note: Only for use on scaled appliances. Not suitable for use with aluminium appliances. See website for instructions.

Appliance Directions

For Kettles and Urns:

  1. Dissolve one sachet per 1 litre of WARM water.
  2. Add dissolved solution to appliance ensuring the element and scaled surfaces are completely covered by the solution.
  3. Bring appliance to boil once and allow to react for 5 minutes.
  4. Empty appliance and rinse thoroughly before use.

 For Coffee Machines:

Refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine.

  1. Dissolve one sachet in 1 litre of WARM water.
  2. Add solution to the water compartment.
  3. Run approximately 200mL of the solution through the brew cycle into a cup.
  4. Run approximately 200mL of the solution through the steam wand (if fitted) into a cup.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the solution is used. Allow the machine to sit for 10 minutes between each cycle.
  6. Rinse the machine by running one full compartment of clean water through the machine or until the water is clear.

For Steam Irons:

  1. Dissolve one sachet into 500mL of WARM water.
  2. Fill the iron with the solution to max level.
  3. Turn the iron to Hot setting until the light turns off. Ensure STEAM is turned on.
  4. Unplug the iron, shake gently then lay out onto a cake cooler or heat proof dish over the sink to catch discharged liquid.
  5. Leave for 10 mins (or until empty) briefly pump spray button to drain any remaining solution.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until liquid runs clear.
  7. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, drain and wipe baseplate clean.

For Shower Heads:

  1. Detach shower head and place into a bowl or bucket.
  2. Dissolve one sachet into 1 litre of WARM water.
  3. Pour solution over shower head until completely immersed.
  4. Leave for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Discard solution, wash shower head with clean water and reattach.

For Dishwashers:

  1. Empty all items from the dishwasher and clean waste filters.
  2. Fill the detergent dispenser with sachet contents to the normal level and sprinkle any sachet remnants on the inside base of the dishwasher. Run on the normal cycle.
  3. After the cycle, wipe clean in and around the door seals and hinges.

For Water Coolers:

  1. Refer to your user manual for care and cleaning instructions.
  2. When the water bottle is empty, remove it and drain the water reservoir.
  3. Dissolve one sachet into 1 litre of WARM water.
  4. Pour the solution into the water cooler reservoir.
  5. Leave for 5-10 minutes. NOTE: To warn others that a clean is in process, place empty sachet onto the machine, making it visible for others to see.
  6. Empty reservoir using the cooler spout/tap.
  7. When empty, rinse with 1 litre of clean water through the cooler.
  8. Repeat step 7.
  9. Replace a new water bottle and use as normal.

For Baby Sterilisers:

  1. Empty steriliser completely.
  2. Dissolve one sachet into 1 litre of WARM water.
  3. Fill steriliser to a normal level with solution.
  4. Run sterilser through a normal cycle.
  5. Once complete, discard solution from steriliser.
  6. Thoroughly rinse steriliser.

For Steam Ovens:

  1. Dissolve one sachet of Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ into 1 litre of water.
  2. Follow the descaling instructions listed under “Cleaning and Care” in your appliance manual.


Is Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ dangerous or caustic?
No, Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ is completely safe.

Can Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ be used to clean my electric baby sterilisers?
Yes, dissolve the sachet into the kettle as per the instructions on the box; add the amount of water to the steriliser as directed by the manufacturer. Run the steriliser as normal, after complete run steriliser with clean water.

What are the ingredients of Magic Multi-Use Descaler™?
Unfortunately, it is company policy not to hand out formulations of our products. I can tell you it is a blend of various products and is a food grade – citrus-based formulation.

Can Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ be used for my washing machine?
Not really, it won’t hurt your washing machine but is not aggressive enough to dissolve the scum and calcium build-up that washing machines collect, rather use Washing Machine magic or if you haven’t cleaned your machine for a few years use Washing Machine Magic (Industrial Strength)

The instructions on the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ box say “Not suitable for use in Aluminum or Magnesium Alloy kettles”. Then on the sachet, it says “Not suitable for use on Aluminum, Enamelled or Pyrex glass kettles”.  Can I use it?
We have spoken to Breville and they have advised that is ok to use the product on your Breville Glass Kettle.

Why is there a funny taste in my coffee after using Magic Multi-Use Descaler™?
As long as you have rinsed the coffee machine through after using Magic Multi-Use Descaler™, the machine should be clean and there should be no aftertaste. You need to follow the cleaning and descale instructions as per your instruction manual. There could be coffee granules or a buildup of scale stuck in the machine that could be causing it.

Does Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ contain vinegar?
No, our DSM does not contain vinegar. N.B. Some appliance manuals say not to use vinegar to descale the appliance.

Can I use Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ on my Iron?
Yes, you can, please see ‘How to Use’ or back of the pack for instructions.

Can I use Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ on my Aldi Coffee Machine?
Yes, you can, please see ‘How to Use’ for instructions, and refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine.

Can I use the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ in copper pipes?
Yes, you can, but do not allow the product to sit in the pipes for more than a couple of hours. Pipes should be flushed after use.

How do I clean my stainless steel thermos with Magic Multi-Use Descaler™?
Add the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ to the thermos and fill with boiling water and let stand for 1/2hr to a 1hr or so. Open and check to see if it has removed the build-up (you may need to give it a wipe over with a nonscratch scorer…no need to scrub)

Can I use the Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ on my Delonghi automatic coffee machine?
Yes, you can, please see ‘How to Use’ for instructions, and refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine.

Will Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ remove iron deposits?
Yes Magic Multi-Use Descaler™ will remove iron deposits

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Gets Rid of Gunk

You know all that scaly buildup you get in your kettle or coffee maker. Well use this product and it is gone. Tea or coffee definitely tastes different afterwards.

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