Magic Spill & Spot Remover™


• Effective concentrated formula that can be used to remove accidental spills and spots.
• Solvent that is very effective on paint spills
• Can be used on any surface around your home
• Ideal for use on accidental spills around the home. Removes paint, red wine, nail polish, blood, grease, permanent marker, coffee, grass, pet messes and more.
• Non-toxic.
• Biodegradable.
• Septic and grey water safe.
• Available size 250ml bottle

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Magic’s Spill & Spot Remover™ is an ECO safe, skin-friendly cleaning product that cleans-up paint messes of all kinds from fabrics, carpet, upholstery, and clothing. It also cleans up oil base paint, pet messes, food stains, blood stains, oily, all kinds of greasy gunk, plus Graffiti, Scuff Marks, Nail Polish, car detailing, paintbrushes and so much more!

  • Efficiently removes 100’s of different spills, spots, and stains
  • Restore items to their original condition
  • Waterbased cleaning product that everyone can use
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable product
  • Spray on ready to use formula then add water to activate
  • Use on any surface that normally tolerates water
  • Multi-purpose cleaning agent formulated for exceptional versatility across a wide range of stains, oil conditions, fabrics and surfaces

Magic’s Spill & Spot Remover™ is Australian made & owned, is environmentally responsible, cruelty free, septic and grey water safe.

Handy Hint: Use Magic Stain Remover Pen™ for use on stains while on-the-go. Handy size for your handbag, briefcase, car, desk, and suitcase. Take everywhere you go.

Customer Reviews

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1000+ Stain Remover nothing compares

This stain remover is my best friend. From carpet stains (Apple juice) to raspberry stains on my upholstered dining chairs this product tackles it all with outstanding results. It has a pleasant odour and is kind on fabrics and also my hands. I cannot rate this product highly enough, after trying just about every stain remover on the market this is definitely the one that actually works.

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