Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner™


  • Has been tested and kills 99.9% of bacteria E.coli and S.aureus
  • Flushes out unseen build-up detergent scum, calcium deposits, lint and bacteria from behind the drum and inside the pipes.
  • Removes unpleasant odours.
  • Prevents clothing discolouration.
  • Prevents washing machine breakdowns.
  • Suitable for front and top loader washing machines.
  • Prolongs the life of your machine.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Septic and grey water safe.
  • Available in a 2 x 100g sachet box.
  • Recommended using every 1-3 months.
  • Australian made and owned
  • Shop in New Zealand CLICK HERE
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Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner™ has been tested and kills 99.9% bacteria (E.coli, S. aureus) and flushes out built-up detergent scum, lint and calcium deposits, resulting in a clean-smelling tutti frutti fragrant washing machine.

Over time dirt, soil, grease, bacteria, biological waste, organic matter, hair and body fats from clothing, detergent scum, lint and calcium deposits, buildup behind the bowl and inside the pipes of the washing machine.

This unseen buildup is the cause of unpleasant odours, clothing discolouration and washing machine breakdowns.

Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner™ will sanitise, clean and deodorise your washing machine, descale the heating element, flush out the bowl and pipes, resulting in a more energy-efficient and hygienic wash.

Ideal for use in both a front loader washing machine and top loader washing machine.

Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner™ is the only product that’s Australian made for the Australian market.  Most of the European brands come in only 250mL bottle that is appropriate for top loaders but isn’t enough to clean top loaders successfully. Magic is the only Antibacterial brand on the market that clens both top and front loaders in one box!

Magic is environmentally responsible, cruelty-free, septic and grey water safe.

Handy Hints: Use Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner every 1 to 3 months. For machines not cleaned in over 3 years, or heavily soiled, use Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™.

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 10.2 × 15.4 cm


(Refer to your user manual supplied with your washing machine before using this product)

  1. Ensure your machine is empty of water and clothes.
  2. Remove lint from lint filters.
  3. Cut/tear corner of sachet open and pour entire contents of Washing Machine Magic™ into the drum (not into the soap dispenser). For front loaders use one sachet; for top loaders use two sachets.
  4. Run a 60˚C cycle on maximum water level. DO NOT SELECT A PRE-WASH.
  5. Once the wash cycle has finished, run the machine through a rinse cycle to ensure all deposits are removed.

Note: Do not use on enamel bowls. Machine bowl may discolour if water temp is more than 60 degrees and/or a pre-wash is selected.


I used Washing Machine Magic as per directions, but my bowl is now dull/ lost its shine?
Firstly, don’t be alarmed. Washing Machine Magic has not caused any damage to your washing machine.

Your machine will still operate as normal. The dullness of the bowl is simply just a visual thing – there is no underlying mechanical damage. What has happened is that the stainless steel bowl has been plated by weaker mild steel that is inside the machine. This is just a visual thing and will not affect the performance of the machine now or in the future.

I used the 100g sachet and I’m now getting flakes/black bits in my wash?
The flakes indicate that the sachet has done its job but the build-up was obviously so bad that the sachet on its own is not powerful enough to completely break down, dislodge and expel all of the build-up.
Solution: Use Industrial Strength formula, this will break down the remaining deposits. Then treat with 100g sachet every 1-3 months to maintain cleanliness.

I used the 100g sachet and now a bad smell is coming from the machine?
The sachet has done its job, but the build-up was obviously so bad that the sachet on its own is not powerful enough to completely break down all of the build-up. The smell is from exposed bacteria in the remaining build up. If your machine has not been cleaned for more than 6 months then the sachet is not likely to be strong enough to break down, dislodge and expel all the build-up.
Solution: Use Industrial Strength formula, this will break down the remaining deposits and expel the remaining build up.
Solution: If experiencing problems like sludge in machine, flakes/marks on clothes, or odours, then first treat with Industrial Strength formula. Then, every month treat with 100g sachet.
If machine is 3 years or older or heavily soiled, then first treat with Industrial Strength formula. Then, every month treat with 100g sachet.

I have a Bosch Easy Care options at 60deg as well as Cottons at 60deg, which do I use?
An easy care wash assumes a smaller load of washing and therefore a smaller amount of water. Please select the larger load wash.

Do I press Pre- Wash?
I have a LG WT-R854 it has a sensor and automatically fills up with water, so how do I fill up my machine without clothes in it?
Do not use your fuzzy cycle, but place on a heavy-duty cycle

I have a 6th sense/fuzzy logic machine that determines the load size, so how do I use Washing Machine Magic 100g without putting clothes in the machine?
The 6th sense/fuzzy logic machines have pre-set water amounts depending on the cycles you choose. Each cycle assumes a pre-programmed weight. The machine doesn’t actually ‘weigh’ the load every time you wash.
Solution: Please check your manual to find the longest cycle, which uses the most water and a temp as close to 60 degrees as possible! This is generally a cotton wash (not cotton eco).

The instructions on Washing Machine Magic say not to use on an enamel bowl; I have a polyurethane bowl is that ok?
Polyurethane is a plastic so yes it is ok to use Washing Machine Magic in your machine

We do not have hot water plumbed to our washing machine, can we use cold water?
Not so good in cold water – the formula is activated by temperatures best above 50C. Some of the current models have a hot water element in the washing machine. Refer to your guide for your washing machine. You can fill up your machine manually if it is a top loader using 8 parts hot water to 2 parts cold water.

Can I use Washing Machine Magic in my tumble dryer?
NO!! We recommend using winning colours 1000+ stain remover diluted, lightly spray on and with dry cloth wipe off.

My washing machine has an enamel bowl, can I use Washing Machine Magic?
We do not recommend using Washing Machine Magic on enamel bowls because if the enamel has a crack in it, then your enamel bowl will be at risk of rusting. However if the enamel is cracked over time this rusting will occur regardless of whether or not you use Washing Machine Magic or not.

I have a May Tag washing machine with a polymer bowl/drum is it safe to use the Washing Machine Magic in my machine?
Yes, polyma is basically a plastic and Washing Machine Magic is safe to use.

If I do not have a 60 degree wash option available, what setting can I use?
If you have a cotton wash option you can select this one.

The front of the Washing Machine Magic box says something different to the instructions?
Always refer to the instructions on the box. But what it means is for a front loader you only need to use 1 sachet, therefore you have 2 uses in the one box. For a Top loader, 2 sachets have to be used so that means the 1 use.

Is it safe to use in a washer/ dryer combined machine?
Yes, so long as the dryer option is not selected at all, the Magic Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ will do it’s job.

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