Glass & Surface Cleaner


  • Works brilliantly on all glass, mirrors and stainless steel surfaces.
  • Leaves a sparkling, streak-free clean.
  • Removes surface and airborne allergens.
  • No Ammonia: Gentle to the eyes nose and lungs.
  • No harsh fumes or chemicals.
  • Natural lemon myrtle essential oil.
  • Stone safe.
  • Australian made and owned (Certificate)
  • Available sizes: 500ml.
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Pura CHOICE® carefully formulated with naturally derived plant-based and non-toxic ingredients, specifically chosen because they deliver extraordinary cleaning power and is suitable for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.

Lemon Myrtle Oil is a potent anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral oil that’s even stronger than Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus.

  • Non-toxic plant-based, palm oil free, septic and grey water safe
  • No chlorine/bleach, No phosphates, No sodium, No synthetic fragrances.
  • No petrochemicals, No animal derivatives, No harsh detergents.
  • No glycols or ammonia, No TEA/DEA or EDTA, No parabens or SLS/SLES.
  • pH Neutral, readily biodegradable.
  • Contains dermatologically tested ingredients.

Additional information

Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 24 cm


  1. Turn nozzle to “ON” position.
  2. Spray surface & wipe with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.
  3. For built-up deposits, spray surface and leave for 2-3 minutes, then clean as normal.

Customer Reviews

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Best products ever!

I have used the glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner for several years now and love them. I have severe allergies to most cleaning products but not Rubbedin products.
My benches, mirrors and windows are beautiful.
Thank you for a wonderful product.

Paul C
Purachoice glass & surface

In 1966 Australia changed to Decimal Currency ,in 1967 a new kitchen product came along ,the Microwave Oven , from the very outset the Microwave has been a beast to clean ,with small particles of food sticking to its inside surfaces and it's Glass Door , I purchased my first one in 1970 and cleaning it has never been a pleasure up until I purchased some Pure Glass & Surface Cleaner and it is just so good , it really does make the Glass seem to disappear along with all those pesky food bits ,Really great product for a very needed Job.

Fantastic Glass Cleaner

I have been using the Pura Choice Glass and Surface Cleaner for several months and have found it to be the best glass cleaner I have ever used. It requires minimal effort to clean the dirtiest windows and it dries to a streak-free shine every time. The lemon myrtle essential oil in the product also leaves a lovely fresh smell in the area. I highly recommend this product.