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The Magic Brand

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products.

Magic Cleaning Products is a brand that takes pride in offering environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. The brand’s story began in 1979 when Don, the founder’s brother-in-law, approached him with a request to fix rusty solid hotplates on a stove. Don’s creation of Magic Hotplate Restorer began a journey towards delivering high-quality cleaning and surface protection solutions.

Magic’s vision is rooted in the legacy of its founder, Dr. Lakeland, a metallurgist and a lecturer driven by a passion for creating practical and non-toxic cleaning and surface protection products that work. Magic Cleaning Products aims to carry forward Dr. Lakeland’s commitment to excellence.

Key Features of Magic
  1. Environmentally Responsible: We are dedicated to producing, where possible, eco-friendly cleaning products.
  2. Australian Made & Owned: Proudly, over 90% of our products are Australian-made and owned, contributing to the growth of the local economy.
  3. Solutions that Work: Magic Cleaning Products are renowned for doing what they say they will do and tackling even the toughest cleaning challenges, providing outstanding results.
  4. Non-Toxic Formulas: Many of our products are non-toxic, reducing harm to the environment.
  5. Innovative Range: Magic offers diverse speciality cleaning and surface protection solutions. Whether removing stubborn stains or providing surface protection, our products cater to various needs.

To continue Dr Lakeland’s legacy of delivering exceptional Australian-made and owned speciality cleaning and surface protection solutions and strive to lead the industry. We are setting new standards for effectiveness, safety, and environmental responsibility and aiming to empower individuals and businesses through innovation and a commitment to excellence to maintain cleaner, safer, and more sustainable spaces.

Why Choose Magic
  1. Quality Assurance: We stand behind the quality of our products, ensuring consistent and reliable results. Magic has been a trusted name in the industry for decades.
  2. Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment to eco-friendly formulations and packaging helps reduce our carbon footprint.
  3. Local Support: When you choose Magic, you support local manufacturing and businesses, contributing to jobs in Australia.
  4. Non-Toxic Solutions: Many of our formulas are non-toxic, making Magic the responsible choice for a cleaner home.
  5. Diverse Range: Our range of products means you can rely on Magic for all your cleaning and surface protection needs. We have a solution for every task, from tough stains to long-term surface care.

Learn more about Rubbedin’s founder, Dr Lakeland, Metallurgist and Lecturer.

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