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Hotplate Restorer 75g


Our Magic Hotplate Restorer Australian Made & Owned is Australia’s original, formulated in 1979. Still a favourite today, it restores and protects solid cast iron hotplates from rust and flaking.

  • Restores Black Finish
  • Prevents Rust, Flaking and Pitting
  • Built-in Applicator

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Many household cleaners can damage cast iron hot plates, causing them to rust and lose their black lustre. Magic Hotplate Restorer protects your hotplates from rust and has a built-in applicator making it easy to use.
  • The original hotplate restorer, Australia’s favourite since 1979.
  • Restores cast iron hotplates lustrous black finish.
  • Regular use prevents hotplates from rusting, flaking and pitting.
  • Simple to apply with sponge applicator attached.

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Rubbedin Magic

How to Use

    1. Remove any food, burnt-on material and rust.
    2. Clean cold hotplates with a damp cloth. Allow to dry.
    3. Use the sponge applicator to rub a small amount of Magic Hotplate Restorer into the hotplate until shiny.
    4. Turn the hotplate to medium heat setting for approx. 5 minutes (smoke will appear from the hotplate). Then turn it off.
    5. With a clean cloth, rub in Magic Hotplate Restorer while still warm and remove any excess.
    6. After use, clean the sponge applicator under running water.
    7. Apply fortnightly to keep hotplates looking good and working efficiently.

Handy Hint: Use Magic All Metal Polish to polish the stainless steel rims to a brilliant shine.

Safety & First Aid

SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Keep out of reach of children.

FIRST AID: For advice contact a Poisons Information Centre (e.g. phone Australia 13 11 26; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor.


Is Hotplate Restorer dangerous or caustic?
No, Hotplate Restorer is totally non-toxic and completely safe.

I have applied the Hotplate Restorer, heated up the hotplates but I seem to have a lot of black polish still coming off?
You have applied too much of the product. Keep wiping off until all residues have disappeared. Next time apply a smaller amount.

Can the Hotplate Restorer be used on a cast iron barbeque plate?
No, it is not recommended to use on a BBQ plate. The ingredients are non-hazardous but this product has not been tested for direct food contact.

There is a lot of smoke coming from my hot plate?
You have applied too much product. Wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and restart the procedure.

There is rust starting to appear where I have applied Hotplate Restorer?
You have not heated the product up to cure it. It is the iron oxide in the product that has come in contact with the air with is starting to cause the rusting. Wipe over the product with a damp cloth and start the procedure again. Make sure the product is heated up and smoke starts appearing.

I have a lot of black stuff coming off my hot plates?
1. You have applied too much product, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and start again.
2. You have not heated the stove up. Wipe off any excess and start again.

SDS & Documents

Click on the links below to view and/or download.

Where to Buy

Major Stores:

Australia Wide
Woolworths Everyday Market Place (online)             Find Magic Hotplate Restorer

Can’t find a product locally? Call or email one of our distributors to see if they supply a store near you or buy direct online from us.
(Note: Some distributors do not stock our whole range)


Australia Wide
S&D Berg

Phone: 03 9890 1634
Email: sales@sdberg.com.au

New South Wales
Email: info@rubbedin.com.au for details

Email: info@rubbedin.com.au for details

Phone: 07 3272 9051
Email: ramdexint@tpg.com.au

Email: info@rubbedin.com.au for details

South Australia
Phone: 07 3272 9051
Email: sladmin@superlink.net.au

Western Australia
Maningham Fine Foods
Phone: 08 9306 9242
Email: info@maninghamfindfoods.com.au


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Helen Ottaway
Hotplate Restorer - It's magic!

Very happy with this product which I purchased online! My hotplates were looking old and worn, even a bit rusty. The Hotplate Restorer was easy to apply. No mess. The product includes a sponge applicator which is easy to rinse after use. My hotplates look new again! Excellent affordable price. Quick delivery. Very happy.

Rodney Parnell
Hotplate Restorer

As with years past, its still the best thing to clean and renew your hotplates.

Lynn Moffat
rejuvenate old stove hotplates

I have used to use this product years ago and found it exc3ellent to keep my hotplates looking new and free from corrosion. When I recently moved into a home with an older stove and the hot plates were very badly worn I went online and to my surprise I found the very thing to fix them. I have now applied it to all 4 plates and they look like they new again. Great product.

Faye Osbourne
Hot plates.

This product is brilliant.My stove is 30 years old, but with the help of the Hotplate. Restorer, it still looks brand new.

Leo Gardner
Hot plate restorer

Great little product. We have a fairly old oven and the hot plates are not in the best nick but this product makes them look neat, shiny and respectable. it is great gear.

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