New Coat High Temp Paint


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  • Perfect for heat-exposed metal that’s rusting or needing a new coat
  • Restores that brand new, satin black finish to stoves, flues, and BBQs
  • Prevents rust
  • Withstands continuous temperatures up to 350°C (and up to 500°C for short periods)
  • No primer needed
  • Easy application
  • Black Stain Finish
  • Coverage: 13-18m2 per L
  • Certified Australian made and owned
  • Available sizes: 250mL, 500mL and 4L
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  • Please note New Coat High Temp Paint is classified as Dangerous Goods (DG) and can not be sent internationally 
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New Coat High Temp Paint is a self-priming, silicone-based, low sheen, heat resistant paint which withstands continuous temperatures up to 350°C (and up to 500°C for short time periods). It may be painted directly onto cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. Suitable for pot-belly stoves, heaters, ovens, flues, barbecues and exhaust manifolds.

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500ml, 250ml, 4 Litre


PREPARATION: Clean surface thoroughly. Remove all traces of grease, oil, dirt, and rust. Sand previously painted surfaces lightly. Wipe with mineral turps and allow to dry.

APPLICATION: Choose a dry, well-ventilated area. Stir thoroughly. Apply in thin coats. Two coats are usually sufficient. Lightly sand between coats. Do not paint below 5°C or in high humidity.

DRY TIME: Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Handle in 4-6 hours. Recoat after 16 hours. Longer drying time needed in cold or damp/humid weather. Allow 24hrs between drying and curing.

CURING: It is important that the article is cured to achieve hard-dry conditions. Ensure good ventilation. Raise heat gradually. Fumes and smoke may be emitted during this time. When using the heater for the first time after painting, make a gentle fire for the first 30 minutes.

CLEAN UP: Clean brushes and equipment with mineral turps after use.

COVERAGE: 13-18m2 per liter

Note: Paint may be thinned with up to 10% mineral turpentine for brushing, or up to 25% for spraying. Contains: >20% MINERAL TURPENTINE


If I want to remove the paint how do I get it off?
A heat gun or sandblaster will do the trick.

Can it be used to paint a motorbike exhaust?
Yes it can, so long as you can cure the paint with heat (that isn’t a fire) it will work.

Is a primer required before using New Coat High Temp Paint?
No, no primer is required.

Is it ok to paint over a potbelly stove polish, that has been previously had stove polish applied to it?
No, you are best to stick with stove polish however, if you do want to use paint, you will need to sand back the stove and ensure all traces of stove polish are removed.

If I paint my range hood, will the New Coat High Temp Paint still cure?
Yes, the heat coming from the stovetop will be enough to cure it.

What is the VOC Content in grams per litre of your New Coat High Temp Paint?
The VOC is approximately 440-grams/ litre.
*Please note that the VOC is calculated according to the definition of what constitutes a VOC under Australian considerations and what is used by APAS (Australian Paints Approval Scheme), which is the defining body in Australia.

Can I use this to paint the inside of my BBQ and grill plates where food is cooked on?
Once cured this will be safe to cook on. As per our instructions this does need to be heat cured – we do recommend to cure it longer for food contact areas.

Is the paint, water or solvent based?
Our High Temp Paint is solvent based.

Can I paint the rack holders in my oven?
So long as the racks are either cast iron, steel, or stainless steel. Curing this product is very important, this ‘sets’ the paint – this can be done in your oven or in a BBQ.

Customer Reviews

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kerrie corsetti

Good paint for recoating wood heaters

Christine Drennert
Rubbed in paint

Excellent product + excellent service

High Temp Paint

The product worked so well I purchased another tin

Greg Bell
Bellies Pot Bellies review

Hi I make and sell Bellies Pot Bellies out of recycled gas bottles and then paint them using this fantastic product. Customers feedback is great. Paint lasts forever ,protecting the Bellies well. Thanks Team Rubbedin. Cheers Bellie

Great product

I gave my glass fronted wood burning fireplace two coats of paint and the black satin finish is terrific. My heater is 30 years old but the paint made it look like new again.
It was easy to apply with a small roller and a small brush for the intricate bits. One word of warning! I read the instructions on the paint tin carefully but I should also have read the instructions on the roller package carefully. Unless you have no choice do not, I repeat, do not use a wool based paint roller but use a roller that can be used with this type of paint. My heater still came up great but would have been even better if I had used the right roller!
Great product and I have no hesitation in recommending it!