Magic All Metal Polish™


  • Performs brilliantly on all metals.
  • A versatile metal cleaner that works on silver, brass, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminium, chrome and gold.
  • Ideal for use on your antiques, sinks & taps, pots & pans, stainless steel cooktops, hotplate rims, door handles, balustrades, golf clubs silver, brass, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminium, chrome, and gold.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Septic and grey water safe.
  • Available sizes: 200mL and 4 litre.
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Magic All Metal Polish™ polishes brass, silver, gold, copper, aluminium, bronze, chrome and stainless steel leaving a protective coating ensuring a longer lasting finish. Removes tarnish, oxidation, corrosion and surface rust, restoring weathered metals to their former glory.

Ideal for use on your antiques, sinks, taps, pots and pans, stainless steel cooktops, hotplate rims, door handles, balustrades, golf clubs silver, brass, stainless steel, bronze,copper, aluminuim, chrome, gold, jewellery and chrome wheels.

Magic All Metal Polish™ is Australian made and owned, is environmentally responsible, cruelty free, septic and grey water safe.

Handy Hint:  Always polish brushed stainless steel in the direction of the grain otherwise it will become cloudy in appearance.

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200ml, 4 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre


  1. Make sure the metal surface is dry.
  2. Rub Magic All Metal Polish™ into the metal surface with a clean, dry cloth. Magic All Metal Polish™ may turn a dark colour on the polishing cloth as it removes the oxide/tarnish.
  3. Once all the tarnish has been removed, buff to a brilliant shine with a clean cloth.

Note: Not suitable for use on anodized aluminum, plated metals, and pewter. For all soft metals (fine silver, gold and chrome) use a soft cloth and polish lightly. If the metal surface is lacquered, remove the lacquer with paint stripper before polishing.


Can Magic All Metal Polish™ be used on Fine Silver?
Yes, it can but do not rub too hard. Magic All Metal Polish™ will overtime remove a very tiny amount of the surface of the silver.

There is a lot of black stuff coming off onto my rag.
That is the oxide coming off the metal. There is nothing to worry about; you actually want that to happen, as it means it is working.

Why can it not be used on Anodised Aluminium?
Anodised Aluminium has a coating applied to the metal, which cannot be polished.

Why do you say to rub lightly on gold and fine silver?
Magic All Metal Polish™ contains a cutting compound, gold, and fine silver are very soft metals and therefore will remove a very fine layer of the metal surface if rubbed to heavily.

What do I use to clean water spots off my coffee machine?
Use Magic All Metal Polish™ to clean and polish and Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector™ to keep protected.

My Magic All Metal Polish™ is hard what can I use to loosen it up again?
If the product is too old then you will need purchase a new bottle or you can add a couple of drops of mentholated spirits.

Is Magic All Metal Polish™ safe to use on teapots?
Yes, you can use Magic All Metal Polish™ on teapots. We suggest you rinse it out as best as you can, the first cuppa may have a pine oil flavoured taste. However, it is non-toxic.

Is Magic All Metal Polish™ best or cleaning up oxidised powder-coated aluminum windows / door frames?
It should clean off the oxidising; just do a small patch test first. But it should be fine as powder coating is very strong.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For

I just received my order of your Magic metal polish and wanted to let you know it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for here in the States but unable to locate. I’m a retired US Navy carrier pilot and for 30 years relied on Brasso to polish my uniform brass. In the 60’s I purchased two brass lamps in Japan and also kept them shining with the help of Brasso. Then after I retired, in the 90’s, my trusty can of Brasso ran dry. When I purchased a replacement, something had changed, my trusty partner was gone. In its Place was a watery substance that masqueraded as Brasso.
Since that time I’ve tried other products and even purchased other containers of Brasso in a faint hope that the first container was “bad.” I even went online to search for a foreign Brasso distributor who might have supplies of the original formula. I ordered a package of 2 cans from India ... it was shipped(?) but never arrived. Amazon to their credit, refunded my payment.
Then I contacted you and ordered my first bottle of “Magic, all metal polish.” Tonight my 50+ year old brass lamps shine as they haven’t in 25+ years. Simply stated your product is the best metal polish I’ve ever used .... including that Brasso of old!
Thank you, I’ll be ordering another bottle soon ...

Excellent Product....

Would highly recommend for cleaning that silverware. I love to use this stuff!!!

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